Passages Malibu: The Best Luxury Drug Rehab Established For Your Comfort

Passages Malibu aims to achieve the best and the most effective treatments available to include in their recovery programs for drug dependency in individuals. Being established in 2001, it has had the time to become a high-tech facility that would provide private and dignified recovery plans for its clients. It has helped heal thousands of people and has developed a repute of being a classy luxury rehab among its clientele. Our private luxury rehab treatments are solely based on holistic principles, whereas, these principles emphasize the healing of the mind and body through the presence of a peaceful and tranquil environment. We use state-of-the-art technology and provide luxurious commodities for the individuals under our care. Thus, our facility combines a revolutionary mixture of treatments that use holistic principles and a serene luxury environment to bring you the best results.

As you enter our luxury rehab, we invite you to feel at home in our palatial settings; our goal is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable so you can experience peace. We, here at Passages Malibu, offer opulent therapy services, whose aim is to attentively evaluate and care for you through the one-on-one sessions. It is carefully designed to give you 60 hours of one-on-one therapy each month, which is administrated by our professional clinical team of experts. Each member of our staff is experienced in their own field and is committed to providing you personalized luxury treatment.

Our staff is also experienced and knowledgeable in the field of health recovery, they understand your needs and dedicate their time to make you feel the very best during the stay at our luxury facility. To keep you healthy of the mind and the body, our facility is loaded with luxury necessities and amenities. Giving you a spa-like experience, we provide you with a variety of healing massages, reflexology exercises, and yoga lessons to keep you fit and relaxed. Moreover, we offer you a chance to replace the addictive habits with our personal training sessions. These sessions allow you to take advantage of our tennis courts, fitness center, and gym facilities. Whenever you are ready to experience the high-life and recover from your addiction through a variety lux treatment programs, give us a call. Our luxury drug rehab has dedicated its latest technology to give you the best recovery program so you can live a life of sobriety.

Chris and Pax Prentiss: the co-founders of Passage Malibu

Chris and Pax Prentiss empathize with the individuals under the care of their facility because they have also gone through the same struggle with addiction. Pax Prentiss had a drug dependency for heroin and cocaine; he was also severely addicted to alcohol. His addictive habits had gotten so bad that they secluded him from the society, including his family. Upon realizing the negative effects, he asked his father to help him recover from his addictive habits. Chris Prentiss, Pax’s father, requested him to join the conventional recovery counselling.

These conventional therapy sessions backfired on Pax; he felt humiliated and guilty over his weakness. The programs forced him to accept his powerlessness. It made him guilty and feels helpless, which eventually made him relapse. Chris realized that his son needed something different to heal him. He started looking for other treatments that didn’t follow the traditional system of recovery. During his search, he found a powerful alternative; it was based on holistic principles. Using this new technique of recovery, Pax returned to a healthier and sober lifestyle. They established Passages Malibu to give you the same compassionate recovery treatment in a luxury environment, so please call us today if you need help with your addiction.