Passages Malibu— the Making of Our Luxury Drug Rehab

Before discovering the beauty of holistic principles, Pax Prentiss was a lost young man with severe addictive habits. Unbeknownst to his ordeal, his family remained clueless to his degrading health. Years went by, and the sudden isolation caused by Pax’s addiction to cocaine, heroin, and alcohol took him by surprise. He could not support himself and felt that he needed help. He turned to his family and took off the blanket of secrecy from his addictive habits.

Chris Prentis, his father, advised Pax to join recovery groups so he can regain control of his life. After realizing the adverse effects of his drug dependency, Pax enrolled himself in the conventional substance abuse recovery programs such as 12-step and AA program. However, this commitment completely backfired. Pax felt cornered in these recovery programs; he felt that he was being ridiculed for his weakness, not from the peers but by the program itself. The program insisted on treating Pax as a patient whose “disease” needed to be treated. He did not find any positive encouragements or a proper support system in this claustrophobic environment. In the end, the pressure and restriction made him relapse.

Chris realized that his son needed something different, something out of the ordinary. He and Pax conceded that they would research on other alternative treatments for his drug dependency. After extensive research, Chris found the healing powers of holistic treatments, which were a mix of the western and eastern recovery philosophies. This philosophy of recovery helped Pax gain the strength needed to push through his addictive habits and find empowerment in the sober lifestyle.

From there on, Chris and Pax Prentiss decided to help individuals with their addiction through this unique philosophy. Thus, Malibu Passages came into being, where your comfort decided the outcome of your recovery. Pax aims to help anyone seeking help under their care and give them the same strength that he has gained in his sober life. Even you can take a spiritual journey with our holistic philosophy and become a part of a healthier sober life at our drug rehab.