Passages Malibu— What Is The Locale Near Our Luxury Drug Rehab Like?

Our luxury facility is located in the north of Santa Monica Bay in Malibu, Southern California. It is surrounded by beautiful beach fronts and a scenic range of inland mountains. This area is filled with exclusive boutiques, gourmet restaurants, gorgeous homes, and much more of the like. Often, many celebrities and wealthy elites are seen strolling casually on the sunny beaches of Malibu. Being an extremely private and luxe space, it has become the perfect spot to kick-back and relaxed.

Even though Los Angeles is found only 40 miles east of Malibu, the area has developed its own identity as a resort-like space without stealing any glory from LA. Its population consists of a hand-full of people that enjoy the serene and tranquil beauty of the atmosphere and weather of Malibu all year long.

What Does The Locale Offer To The Clients Under Our Care?

During your stay at our Luxury drug rehab, you can enjoy the following locales:

  • Malibu Farms: It offers an extensive array of nutritious 100% organic meals that guarantee excellent taste and health.
  • Malibu Pier: You can take a walk from the Malibu Farms to the pier, where you can observe the beautiful beach fronts of the area.
  • Point Dume: Extending towards a scenic nature preserve, Point Dume offers gorgeous views of the sand dunes through the boardwalk.
  • Surf Museum: This museum exhibits a variety of antique surfboards that have been preserved from the 1910s to the 1980s. This amazing collection of surfboards can be found at the Pepperdine University.
  • Getty Villa: You can stroll back to the Roman Empire by viewing Roman artwork as old as 7000 years.
  • Malibu Lumber Yard: Being a collection of exclusive shopping stores, it offers an assortment of designer stores such as Maxfield, James Perse, and Burgerfi.
  • Malibu Country Mart: You can find this mart near in the Malibu Civic Center, where there is a comprehensive collection of peculiar shops, it acts as a cultural hub for the locale.
  • Malibu Seafood: Enjoy the taste of Malibu beaches through this top-of the-range sea food restaurant.



There are various beachfronts near our luxury Drug rehab such as:

  • Leo Carillo Beach: This beach extends 1.5 miles along Santa Monica, it is perfect a long meditative stroll.
  • Amarillo Beach: You can enjoy beautiful scenery during the low-tide at this beach.
  • Zuma Beach: It offers a look at the majestic marine life during the high tides.

Enjoy the Luxury Life at Our Drug Rehab

You can recover from your addiction in the enchanting environment of Malibu through our luxury drug rehab. Passages Malibu offers you a safe and memorable journey towards a sober life so give yourself a break and experience a newer lifestyle with us. You call us anytime for queries regarding our recovery program.