The Philosophy of Our Luxury Drug Rehab

Our Luxury drug rehab facility is one of a kind with a beautiful location in Malibu, California. Passages Malibu provides a one of a kind luxury recovery program, where your comfort and needs are our first priority. We don’t believe in treating addiction as a “disease” that needs to be “healed”, rather, we aim to heal your mind and body through holistic means. Such a positive exposure empowers our clients and hastens their recovery process.

Our staff does not seek to force you to follow the strict recovery regime; they use compassion and understanding to give you a shoulder to lean on during recovery. Our luxury rehabilitation provides the client with the strength they need to favor the better path of sobriety. Passages Malibu will also give you luxury accommodation, along with luxury recovery regime made to strengthen your resolve. It will not only heal one aspect of your body, rather, but it will also heal you as a whole. Our clients comfort our responsibility.

Our philosophy maintains a comprehensive mass of holistic principles, which deal with addictive habits through natural treatments. We offer therapeutic exercises, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, and many other non-holistic treatments that provide natural detoxification of the body. Other than the natural detoxification, we emphasize a healthy re-connection of the mind, body, and soul through a vast array of mental, physical, and spiritual exercises.

Four Main Causes for Drug Dependency

Our holistic principle builds a natural philosophy around the substance abuse recovery program; our treatments give you comfort, privacy, and luxury in one package. Our specialists after careful evaluation of the addictive habits of our clients have discovered four reasons for addiction. These causes mainly act as the base of the client’s addictive habit’s and stem into various other issues. These causes can be summarized as: